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Prophetess Helen Edwards

Initiate in POME Prophetic Order of Mar Elijah

Friday, July 28, 2006

Thank you Master Prophet

I need to take the time to Thank the Master Prophet and Lady Debra for encouraging and allowing me to be a partaker of Cosmic Economics boot camp in Las Vegas, N.V. I do realize that this should have been said weeks ago--but I must say I cannot begin to tell you how much my mind has been expanded. Now each time I pursue something, I find that it is already there waitng for me to claim it without discrimination.

Truly, truly "What I be is up to me!"

Prophetess Mother Helen Edwards

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mother Helen Edwards

The Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan taught me that wealth, health, wisdom and longevity
is my portion in consciousness, when I make it happen.

I do see the importance of listening to what he teaches, being under authority , and walking with the company of Prophets for completeness.

Prophetess Helen Edwards